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The kind of minibus hire services that you will get at Minibus Hire Belfast is like none other. We are very experienced and competent in what we do. We are also very passionate about our work and that is why we shall do everything possible to make sure that you are fully satisfied by our services.

Minibus Hire Belfast was established several years ago in Belfast city. This is an English company set up and ran by professionals. We keep up with the latest trends on the market and our services are up to date. There is no sector in the transport industry that we have not covered and we always ensure that we do a perfect job.

Minibus Hire Belfast has acquired very reliable and high quality 12-seater minibuses. These minibuses are nothing but the best. They are meant to serve you and we are very certain that you will enjoy travelling in these minibuses. We have also made sure that we have fitted these 12-seater minibuses with all the luxury items that our customers usually want. The 12-seater minibuses are in good working conditions and you can be sure that they will perform well on the roads thus you will get to your destinations without any problems and in good time.

We also have very classy 14 seat minibuses. Minibus Hire Belfast thought it wise to acquire these minibuses so that our customers can have a variety to choose from. Our 14 seat minibuses are custom made for the purposes of holiday transport as well as transportation for other purposes. We have made sure that the 14 seat minibuses comprise of top brands in the market such Mercedes, Ford, Renault and Nissan. All what you need to do is to come and have a ride in these minibuses and most definitely you will like them.

In order to ensure that everything is set up perfect for you, we have employed very able drivers. The drivers employed by Minibus Hire Belfast are very competent and have many years of experience in this industry. They have been fully certified by the relevant authorities and they have all the necessary documents to ascertain their competence in driving. They know the city of Belfast like the back of their palm and they will drive you around in the best way possible. We have taught our drivers to have good customer care skills and they will most definitely cope up well with you. You can as well interact with them as much as you can because they are very kind people and they have much to tell you about Belfast city.

Minibus Hire Belfast has the experience and expertise in working in this industry. This is why our services are far much superior in terms of quality as compared to any other minibus hire company in Belfast. We always lead the way and the others follow. Despite offering excellent services, our prices are still the cheapest in the whole of Belfast city. You can as well do a survey on the prices charged by other minibus hire companies and you will realize that we are the best. We are swift and adapt to changes very fast. We only need you to fill the online registration form and then leave the rest to us. Once you have provided all the correct information, we shall make the necessary arrangements in the shortest time possible.

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